Board of Dentistry 2011-2012

Professional Regulation Commission

Professional Regulation Commission

Members of the Board of Dentistry 2011-2012

Board Composition

Dr. Gloria M. Bumanlag

Dr. Melinda L. Garcia

Dr. Steve Mark G. Gan

Dr. Rannier F. Reyes

Qualification of Board Members

The members of the Board shall, at the time of appointment:

  • Be a natural born citizen of the Philippines and actually resident thereof;
  • Be a duly registered dentist in the Philippines;
  • Must have had at least ten years practice of the profession;
  • Must not be a member of the faculty of any school, college or university where dentistry is taught, nor shall have, directly or indirectly, any pecuniary interest in such Institutions;
  • Must not be connected in any capacity with any business enterprise, firm or company engaged in the buying, selling or manufacture of dental goods, equipment, materials or supplies; and
  • Must be a member of good standing of the Philippine Dental Association and/or any other bona fide dental association for the last five years.

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