The Best Dentist in the Philippines

No, that’s certainly not me. There are way more talented people in this country and I’m just someone who’s very enthusiastic when it comes to dentistry. However, there are a few that I have met over in dental profession, which I can really say who deserve to be a candidate for this prestigious title, such as:

  • Dr. Stephen Almonte
  • Dr. Leo Gerald De Castro
  • Dr. Carlos Melo
  • Dr. Ramonito Lee
  • Dr. Robert Barrera
  • Dr. Steve Mark Gan
  • Dr. Vimbie Book

I’m sure that there are also others out there that I haven’t met yet, but these guys, they definitely have the edge – make that double.

But anyways, the actual purpose of this page:

Perhaps to have that long tail keyword under my website – many prospective patients are searching for it.
To serve as a support page for my dental news page, which I have plans of playing around with (local search).
A quick update on what I’ve done as well as to what happened recently to me, this blog and possibly more facts about me.

A great recap for new dentists, young and old on how really things work in Dentistry.

Quick Update

1. I recently crashed my blog’s database because of the WP-minify plugin.

2. I’ve met new dentists friends .

Random Dentist

I don’t really enjoy writing about myself, given that I write about what I do more often than not. Why TheDentistBook? “Dentist”, which means it is about dentists. “Book”, one of my best professors in Prosthodontics is Dr. Vimbie Book.

The name was so sticky that I started to have sleepless nights thinking about the name.

I may not be the best Dentist in the Philippines, but I live in the greatest country (the Philippines) and I have the best profession there is in the world (Dentist) – having both “keywords” embedded in me is simply being the best in this side of my universe.

22 thoughts on “The Best Dentist in the Philippines

  1. Stephen Almonte

    Mario Esquillo… Paul Achacoso… Rannie Reyes… Bobby Pangan… Melinda Garcia… Regina Morales… Eliezer Blanes.. Hermogenes Villareal… Elaine Parlan del Rosario… Jerome Sy Siong… nanette vergel de dios… Liza Centeno… Noel Vallesteros… Soledad Villasenor… Balbino Villanueva… Tony Concepcion… Lito Paragas… Johnny Salonga… Michelle Segarra… Bobby Dacanay… Maridin Lacson… Jessie Rances… Nadela… Eelfin Abadco… so many Clincians that should be listed here…. those who have made their marked in the profession by inspiring the younger generation… the list can go on and on and one… i am but a dot in the page of this TDB… So many IDOLS if we call them as such who have continously inspired dentist like me to strive and work hard to become better at what i do…
    We will always look up to them to carry PHILIPPINE DENTISTRY in the map of Who is Best in the World… HOUSEHOLD NAMES IN THEIR CHOSEN FIELD… LEGENDS And there are still a lot… i may have missed the names but not the legacy they have and will continue to share to the FUTURE DENTISTS in our ONE AND ONLY BELOVED PHILIPPINES.

          1. Rose

            Yeah. I’ve been to other dentist but I keep coming back to him. Yes I would say he is one of the best along with the other dentist practicing in his dental office.

  2. Kristine

    Good day,

    I would like to seek advice regarding my experience with a dentist. I had 13 teeth filled to get my medical clearance signed. I was referred to my friends family dentist. She did the necessary cleaning and filling. When I was having my dinner that night I felt pain on the treated teeth while chewing my food. I bared the pain because I thought it might just be a normal experience after tooth filling. The pain went on for a week, I also observed that I was salivating more than usual. I decided to text the dentist to inform her of my situation. She then replied advising to take in over the counter antibiotics and pain killers, she also stated that tooth extraction might be necessary.

    I was alarmed with her reply, thinking that I went to her to have my teeth restored and with no pain at all. I refused to take in any medication so I can observe further the pain. The teeth I had for filling never felt pain prior to the surgery and were not that damaged which just suggested filling rather than extraction. I can also recall that she kept praising my teeth during the procedure stating that I have a complete set of strong teeth which she said was rare for a Filipino, I told her that my parents helped me took care of it by visiting the dentist regularly when I was a child.

    After two weeks I finally decided to go back to the dentist. She seemed to be in a bad mood, she was almost shouting to the patient in her table and I can clearly hear her. She was sarcastically lecturing to her patient because the patient was requesting molar tooth extraction even if he has “singaw”. I, understand that the dentist can not perform the procedure if the patients gums around the molar tooth is inflamed but I don’t understand why she has to raise her voice on the patient. The patient left the clinic and he seemed embarrassed. It was my turn on the table, she used the bottom tip of one of her metal tools to find the affected tooth by intermittently hitting the filled teeth. She was concentrating on the lower part, but my concern was on the upper teeth. She asked me if I took the antibiotics and I said no, she raised her voice again. She lectured in a high toned voice the anatomy of the teeth, the location of the blood vessels and so forth. I then asked why would I take antibiotics if there’s no infection? I cam to the clinic with painless teeth, perfect gums, no pus, and no intention of extraction and here I am offered with a resolution for extraction. She said she can not do anything because I did not take the antibiotic, I believe she meant by do anything was to extract. I removed my bib because I can not take her sarcsm and high voice anymore. She then called over my friend who was waiting outside, she told him that I was very rude and exaggerating the story. She even called her assistant confirming the way she says I said. Well of course her assistant would say yes otherwise she will get fired and I heard she have changed her assistants many times. I stood there while listening to her lecture against me with a witness. So there was nothing I can do but to listen to every insult she throws. I felt I was abused, I think she behaved unprofessionally, I was just merely asking a question and observing my right as a patient to refuse medication and choose treatment.

    My questions are, where there violations on my procedure? Was extraction the best solution without any diagnostics procedure first like x-ray? Is there grounds to say she behaved unethically and unprofessionally? I have no choice but to bear with the pain and I can not enjoy my food as before.

    Please advise,

    1. The Dentist Book Post author

      Hi tin.

      Base sa kwento mo:
      Madalang kang pumunta ng dentist. Bago itong pagpapapasta mo, matagal na ang huli mong pagbisita sa dentist. Napunta ka lang sa dentist para sa clearance. Kaya malala ang condition ng mga ngipin mo.

      Kapag nagpapasta, nililinis ang butas ng ngipin. Lahat ng infected na part, tinatanggal. Kaya kung minsan malapit na sa pulp ang butas matapos linisin ang sira. Madalas, malaki na ang sira, at kapag pinastahan, 50-50 ang success. Kapag masyado nang malaki ang sira, sinasabi sa pasyente na maaaring sumakit kapag pinastahan ang nasabing ngipin, dahil maaaring umabot na ang carious process sa pulp area. Ang dapat gawin sa napakalaking sira, ay pastahan muna, kapag sumakit may choice ang pasyente na ipa-RCT or ipabunot.

      Hindi lang naipaliwanag na mabuti sayo ang pwedeng mangyari. Hindi exact science ang dentistry. Kapag nagpapasta ka, hindi magiging super tooth ang ngipin. Kapag ang pinastahan na ngipin na may malaki nang sira, maaring hindi sumakit at maaari ring sumakit. Lalo na’t abot na sa pulp ang sira. Kapag sumakit, pwede mo ipa-RCT or ipabunot. Kapag may pera ka, ipa-RCT mo. Kung wala, ipabunot mo.

      Sa nangyari sa paguusap niyo ay normal lang kapag nagtalo ang dalawang babae.

      Ang pwede mong gawin ngayon ay magpa-x-ray. Send mo sa akin ang xray mo, at tignan natin kung ano ang pwedeng remedyo sa iba mo pang problem sa ngipin.

  3. John

    Hi Admin, im Jay-ar from Quezon Province. I have a crooked teeth and i want to fix it. Im already 28 years old. Can you help me find the best but affordable dentist near Quezon province? Hope you can help. Thank you and GodBless.

      1. beth

        baka may mairefer po kayo sa akin na dentist na willing icontinue yung braise ko namatay napo kasi yung dentist ko e lahat po ng napagtanungan ko gustong ipaulit ulit braises ko e wla napo me pang down….

  4. Mary

    Can you refer a good dentist/orthodontist sa may Quezon or Makati City please. yung the best. My dad is looking to go home to the Philippines from the US para lang ipagawa yung kanyang 2 ngipin. Ang nangyari eh pina root canal yung ngipin sa taas so nilagyan ng plastic temporary doon sa ngipin last year, nabali yung plastic na temporary hindi niya na ituloy yung mold na ilagay. Ngayon pati yung katabing ngipin eh naapektuhan nabulok na rin, Ano ba yung RCP kung hind extraction? Magkano ba yun sa Pilipinas sa dalawang ngipin? Thank you.


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