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List of Schools, Hospitals, Dental Implant Companies in the Philippines which offer Dental Implantology Training Program.

School Based Dental Implant Training

CEU Dental Implants

Centro Escolar University Course in Dental Implantology

Hands on and Lecture

Contact Info
School of Dentistry
2nd Floor Dent-Sci Bldg.
Centro Escolar University
9 Mendiola Street,
San Miguel, Manila

National University College of Dentistry Implant Dentistry Certificate Program

National University – College of Dentistry, Implant Dentistry Certificate Program
A Comprehensive Introduction to Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation

Lecture and Hands On

Contact info
NU College of Dentistry
Ms Emy Tecson
+632 741 6761
+632 749 8153
Email: nucd[at]

University of the Philippines Basic Dental Implantology Course

UP College of Dentistry Comprehensive Basic Dental Implantology Course
At the end of the course, the clinician is expected to be able to insert a dental implant at the posterior area in the mouth.

Contact Info
UP College of Dentistry
Phone: +632.303.3603 loc 104
+632.303.3983 loc 103
Dr. Reyes: +632.817.6554
Dr. Hernandez: +632.843.6436
Email: oris[at]

Hospital Based Dental Implant Training

St Jude Post Graduate Training Program in Dental Implantology

Hands on and Lecture

Contact Info
Department of Dental Medicine, SJHMC,
Phone number 02 731 2761 loc 263


One Year Implant Training Program in De Los Santos -STI Medical Center (Lecture and Hands-On)

The course is open to all licensed dentists in Philippines and aims to provide comprehensive implant dentistry including the biologic, biomechanical, surgical and restorative knowledge as well as a broad therapeutic spectrum related to patient treatment; to provide practical experience and extensive knowledge in the areas of oral surgery, prosthodontics, periodontology and preventive dentistry. Latest trends and advances such as computer tomography and computer-aided implant treatment planning are incorporated in the course. The course ensures that a participant can perform actual surgical placement of implant as well as the indicated prosthetic outcome while observing proper discipline in the practice of implant placement.

Sponsor: Leader Italia Dental Implants
Lecture and Hands on

Contact Info
Room 304 De Los Santos-STI Medical Center
201 E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City
Phone: +632 7230041 local 304 / +63933 9554639 / +639178242210; look for Dr. Gonzalez.

Dental Implant Company Based

Training Program on DIO Dental Implant System

DIO Dental Implant System

A skill enhancement program on the foundation of dental implantology by means of profound lectures, surgical and laboratory hands-on, and case presentations designed to equip the dentists to confidently place dental implants on their actuail patients.

Hands on and Lecture

Conract Info
DIO Secretariat Office
Ms. Angela Kalaw 0917-8146323
Ms. Judy Ann Pascual 0917-8175005

Alpha Bio Basic Dental Implant Training

Alpha Bio: Basic Implantology Training Hands on and Lecture

Contact Info
Unit 2002-B, West Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center Ortigas
Telephone: +632 633 7744 – 46

Straumann Dental Implant System Course

Straumann Dental Implant System SDIS is a 4 month course on implant dentistry designed to equip the general dentist with the knowledge and skill necessary to be able to provide dental implant treatment to his or her knowledge.

Contact Info
PROS APAC Orthodental
Suite 615
Don Santiago Building
1344 Taft Avenue
Ermita Manila
Phone: +632 526 2911
+632 524 0331

Bicon Comprehensive Dental Implant Training Course

Bicon Comprehensive Implantology Training Course

Lecture and Hands on

Contact Info
PROS-APAC orthodental
Fax: +632.526.3870

Neobiotech Basic Dental Implantology

Oris Oral Implant Solutions Inc. presents Neobiotech Basic Dental Implantology
A Prosthodontic Driven Module

Lecture and Hands on

Contact Info
Oris Neobiotech

Oneplant Implant Training Program

Osseointegration Inc. is a company providing of Dental Implant System that carry the name ONEPLANT System, of Warantec Ltd., of Korea with high quality but cost effective items related with implant and GBR(Guided Bone Regeneration) system.

Contact Info
Osseointegration Inc.
Unit PXB-12, Cosmopolitan Bldg., Hobbies of Asia, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila
Tel : 02-804-0015 / Cellphone : 0917-507-5656

Achacoso Center for Advanced Dental Studies (ACADS)

Lecture and Hands on

Contact Info
Achacoso Center for Advanced Dental Studies (ACADS)

2 D Implant Training Program


Contact Info
Budget Dental Supply
R. Lee Oral Surgery and Implantology Center
470 San Rafael St. San Miguel Manila beside CEU Mendiola

IBS Dental Implant Philippines Basic Implantology Training

Lecture and Hands on

Contact Info
IBS Dental Implant
Phone: +632.411.8695

If you wish to add your Implantology Training Program here, please contact:
Dr. Jesus Lecitona
Email: jes[at]
Phone: 0929 696 6232

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