Filipino-Chinese Dental Foundation 32nd Annual Convention

Filipino-Chinese Dental Foundation 32nd Annual Convention -

Filipino-Chinese Dental Foundation 32nd Annual Convention –

Filipino-Chinese Dental Foundation, Inc. 32 Annual Convention & Scientific Seminar
Making a Difference in this Fast Paced World

July 28 2013 Sunday, 7:00 AM – 5 PM
Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila, 1588 Pedro Gil cor. MH del Pilar St Manila

Thanksgiving Mass
National Anthem
PDA Hymn
Welcome Remarks
Cordial Message from the Sponsor

1st Speaker Cristina M Laureta, DMD, CP Ortho, FAPO
Do you suffer from Orthophobia?
Did undergrad ORTHO leave you dazed and confused? Do you cringe at the mere mention of ORTHOdontics? Do you unlike wire bending? This lecture will not only help you face your fears but will also help you to:
Sharpen your focus and learn to spot the tell tale signs of malocclusion and differentiate skeletal from dental problems.
Improve your abiility to decide what problems to trear, when to wait and when to intervene.
Overcome your fear of interceptive ortho appliances by understanding how they work and how to adjust them properly; and hopefully get you to at least like ORTHO.

2nd speaker – Vicente O. Medina III, DMD, PhD
Policies Regarding the Use and Management of Mercury in the Medical and Dental Health Care Facilities: Focus on Dental Amalgam
This lecture presents updated policies and guidelines for the handling and disposal of dental amalagams as recommended by a focus group consisting of UP Manila – National Institute of Health (UPM-NIH) researchers and faculty members of the UP College of Medicine and the UP College of Dentistry. Included in this presentation are policy recommendations for the government dentists, the academe and the general public.

Charging of new members
Lunch break

3rd Speaker – Roland Dominic G. Jamora MD, FPNA
Updates in Trigeminal Neuralgia
Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) or tic Duoloureux, is a chronic pain syndrome affecting the 5th cranial nerve. Pain from TN may commonly be mistaken for dental related pain.
This lecture will discuss common symptoms and theories on the causes and mechanism of pain production. Diagnostic techniques such as neuroimaging will also be tackled, as well as the various treament modalities from pharmacological to surgical.

4th Speaker – Catherine Anne T. CHia, DDM, MDS
Problem Solving in RootCanal Treatment
When doing root canal treatment, dental practitioners areoften ffaced with a multitude of problems such as making the right diagnosis, problems with access (complex anatomy, calcified/sclerotic canals and narrow canals), cleaning and shaping, and iatrogenic causes such as perforations, all of which require predictable and effective solutions.
This presentation will discuss on different problems in rootcanal treatment and how to manage them.

Open Forum
Closing Remarks

Dr. Dominador P. Lim
Master of Ceremonies

Payment Details
Promo Package P2,400
inclusive of annual convention & 3 quarterly seminars, free membership fee)

Annual Convention P1,650
Student’s Fee P1,400

On-site Registration
Annual Convention P1,850
Student’s Fee P1,600

Last day of pre-reg: June 28 2013

Drop Off Sites

Dr. Rositan Tan
808 Dasma Corporate Center
321 Dasmarinas St Binondo Manila
Phone: 241 7777/244 5569
Dr. Rosemay Young Chan
835 T. Alonzo St Sta Cruz Manila
Phone: 711 8175
Dr. Leticia Salvador
158 Rm A2 Rizal Avenue Ext Caloocan City
Phone: 363 2436
Dr.Susan Co-Sabandal
Phone: 365 9519/0916 341 7712
Dr. Carol Torres-Basa
EDSA Quezon City
Phone: 0917 793 3848/638 8651
Dr. Pamela Talavera
TaftAvenue Manila
0920 442 1643
Dr. Stephanie Lim
0917 815 254
Dr. Shirley Kho Chua
Phone: 0917 806 2053/986 3567

For Bank Payments
BDO Acct Name:
Filipino Chinese Dental Foundation Inc.
Account Number 400 104 296
Please keep your receipt/deposit slip on the day of the annual convention.

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