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Revisiting Periodontics

Revisiting Periodontics offered by the UP COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY and DDM was given 10 CPD POINTS by the PRC!
Revisiting Periodontics
City Sports Club Cebu
July 28-30, 2019
Registration is still open!
Contact us:
+63922 309 3888
+63927 039 6000
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SOS SAVE OUR SIXES Seminar-Workshop

SOS (SAVE OUR SIXES) Seminar-Workshop is now in CEBU on JULY 16, 2015!…Get to know the LATEST updates in the detection and diagnosis of carious lesions, the management of deep caries and pulp treatment, and the LATEST UPDATE on the use resin-based composites (RBCs) in children based on global guidelines set by the Pediatric Restorative Dentistry Consensus Conference this 2015! A JOINT VENTURE of the Philippine Pediatric Dental Society Inc. (PPDSI) and Dentsply Philippines, SOS is a CPE accredited Continuing Education seminar, given the PPDSI, a CPE provider of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). REGISTER NOW…. Contact Johna (632) 8410317, for reservation and inquiries!

SOS (SAVE OUR SIXES) Seminar-Workshop

SOS (SAVE OUR SIXES) Seminar-Workshop

Oral Minor Surgery Program

Dental Collaboration invites you to a free orientation of the second batch of its 3 month minor oral surgery program. The program includes lecttures, workshopd, demos and actual surgical case requirements.

For interested dentists, the free orientation will be held on September 20 2014 9:00 AM at the 4th Flr of the United Methodist Church Building along Inted Nations.

Minor Surgery Program

Minor Surgery Program

4th Batch of Intensive Dental Implant Training



Training Methodology:


1st Session – May 7 (Wednesday)
2nd Session – May 28 (Wednesday)
3rd Session – May 29 (Thursday)
4th Session – June 11 (Wednesday)
5th Session – June 12 (Thursday)
6th Session – June 22 (Sunday)


:Post-Graduate Residency in Implant Dentistry
New York University, New York, New York, U.S.A.

:President – Philippine Academy of Implant Dentistry 2012-2014

:President – Philippine Dental Association 2008-2009

:Diplomate: International Congress of Oral Implantologists 2012 – Present

:International Congress of Oral Implantologists 2011
:International College of Continuing dental Education (ICCDE)

Active Member:
:New York University Implant Department Alumni Association
:Academy of Osseointegration
:Northeast Society of Periodontology, New York

:CEU Most Outstanding Alumnus, May 30, 2008
:Award of Proficiency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, CEU, Surgery Dept. March 1993
:College of Dentistry Outstanding Service Awardee, CEU March 1993


First Session: Lecture

I. Basic Concepts of the Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for implants- Patient Selection
A. Standard Clinical approach to patient care.
B. Describe how each of the following are related to patient selection for implant therapy.
C. List specifications that should be considered for treatment planning of a single tooth implant
D. Describe the diagnostic procedures that should be performed for all dental implants
E. Understand the purpose of a diagnostic wax-up for a single tooth implant

Second Session: Lecture & Laboratory

I. Basic Surgery
II. Introduction to implant surgical techniques
A. Describe and be able to identify the different types of Implants
B. Describe and be able to identify the basic armamentarium of the Implant system
C. Be able to describe a step-by-step procedure for placing an implants
D. Understand how a surgical template is fabricated and used to guide implant placement

I. Fabrication of template
II. Placement of an implant into a synthetic bone

Third Session: Lecture & Hands On

I. Basic Implant Prosthetic Techniques
A. Describe the function of each prosthetic component in designing and fabricating a single-unit, free-standing implant restoration.
B. Describe the difference between a cement-retained crown and a screw-retained implant crown
C. Describe the functions of a provisional restorations for single tooth.

II. Implant Maintenance

Fourth – Fifth Session: Surgery

Surgery: Implant Placement

Sixth Session: Lecture

I. Socket grafting
II. Ridge Augmentation


Fee: Php 50,000
Reservation Fee: Php 5,000
Downpayment: Php 5,000 (Payable on the first day of the training)
Remaining Php 40,000 is payable at Php 4,000 per month for 10 months via PDC.

(02) 712 3384 / (02) 708 4409 / 09054335508

Pediatric Dentistry Philippines 2 Year Residency Training Program

Pediatric Dentistry Philippines 2 year Residency Training Program -

Pediatric Dentistry Philippines 2 year Residency Training Program –

Enroll now in Pediatric Dentistry Center Philippines 2 year Residency Training Program. The only Residency Training Program in Pediatric Dentistry recognized by the Professional Regulation Comission and the Philippine Pediatric Dental Society Inc. For more inquiries look for call at 740-7728 and look for Ms. Gwen.

PPDSI Study Club

PPDSI Study Club -

PPDSI Study Club –

Philippine Pediatric Dental Society
JUNE 24 2013

Unilab Bayanihan Hall in Mandaluyong


  • latest terminologies being used globally
  • the latest DRUGS used as sedative-hypnotics and as narcotics
  • the RISKS and COMPLICATIONS associated with the use of such drugs
  • the SAFETY PRECAUTIONS needed to protect the child from such risks and complications which can be life threatening.