Information and Training

It is important that proper information and training be provided for personnel involved in dental healthcare delivery. The dentist and his staff are more likely to comply with an infection control program if the persons involved have a clear understanding of the risks involved regarding contraction and transmission of disease.

For the dental healthcare providers who perform tasks or procedures that put them at risk of exposure to infectious agents, training should include:
• Information regarding the manner by which they may contract a disease
• Review of infection control policies and procedures
• Strategies for managing work-related injuries
• Work restrictions for dental healthcare personnel who are infected or constantly exposed to infected material

Provide DHCP with education and training regarding occupational exposure to potentially infectious agents and infection-control procedures/protocols appropriate for and specific to their assigned duties:
a. On initial employment
b. When new tasks or procedures affect the employee’s occupational exposure, and
c. At a minimum, annually.
Provide educational information appropriate in content and vocabulary to the educational level, literacy and language of DHCP.

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